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Chrome Plated Steel Roller

Chrome Plated Steel Roller

We also offer our customers Hard Chrome Plated Roller that finds wide application in machines. These rollers are effectively utilized in industry sectors like Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Automotive etc.

Hard Industrial Chrome Coating:

We have with us rich industry experience in successfully handling the requirements of providing Hard industrial chrome coating on rollers. This type of coating is porous in nature and contains microscopic fissures because of the way in which chrome is applied to base metal. While chrome of 0.005" -0.010" thick provides optimum protection against wear, but over a period of time a corrosive environment breaks down chrome before its typical wear life is realized by attacking base metal under chrome and subsequent rust causes break in adhesion of chrome.

The hard industrial chrome plating offered by us in these rollers helps in safeguarding against wear that occurs when hard particles are present between two surfaces that slide against each other with intended motion. These hard particles can be in form of either foreign particles or metal debris from one or both mating surfaces.

The Way We Use the Coating:

For combating corrosion, we apply a thin layer that is less than 0.001" up to 0.002" thick of Nickel before application of chrome. This layer provides desired corrosion resistance required to allow chrome to realize its full wear resistant life. Further, our expertise also allows us to achieve a wide range of surface finishes so as to meet customer’s specific needs.